We have been eating at Fontana's for several years, both in the restaurant and more frequently take out. The sushi is always fresh and the rolls are excellent. And they have a very friendly staff. It's a great place to have so close by.
The food was ready within minutes of me picking it up. And the sushi at Fontana is always great!!
This is our place. We used to be lured with coupons to try other sushi restaurants but were ALWAYS so disappointed that we just gave up and came back to Fontana Sushi again...and again...and again. We particularly like their spicy tuna, crab and salmon, either as dedicated rolls or as a ingredient to a special roll. The sauces on the rolls are also excellent with the King Crab and Sweetheart roll sauces being our favorite. The sashimi is thick cut and always amazingly fresh! We always start with Miso Soup - LOVE IT. The seaweed salad is a favorite, as well. As good as the food is, the people are even better. The servers are always quiet and efficient, but it pays to get to know them. There is no revolving door for employees here; all of our servers have been here for years. We enjoy it when they tease us about our predictable order - it's like family. I'm sure you can go down to Cherry Creek and find sushi and sashimi that is "prettier" or more exotic. But if you want consistently good, fresh sushi in the SW Denver area, this is the place.
I love this place, and have it often. I love that I can order online and it's ready when I get there. I only wish they delivered.
Any questions please call us.